Books and Fiction

Information for all books, short stories and other fiction released by Fantages Studios will be posted here. In addition, we will post information on any third-party content released through the Truerth Worldspace Project.

At the current time we have not yet released any full-length or novella-length fiction due to much of the content written so far being written for world and character building purposes. The World of Tuerth is still in heavy development, and a Work in Progress, with information subject to change.

Readers interested in getting a sneak peak into the fiction as it evolves can register for our mailing list once one has been setup. We will also be interested in anyone who wants to become an alpha or beta reader.

Upcoming Books

Any information we make publicly available about our future releases will be posted on the Upcoming Books page.

Short Stories

Any short stories we publish, or make publicly available, either by Fantages Studios, or by a third party, can be found on the Short Stories page.

Third Party Truerth Worldspace Project

Any books released under the Truerth Worldspace Project that complies with the Truerth Author or Truerth Compliant Licenses will be listed on the Third-Party Truerth Worldspace Project page.