Short Stories

Title Word CountDate Published Location
Of Wolves and Moons by J.L. Brandt1499July 22, 2021 Short Fiction Break


Of Wolves and Moons by J.L. Brandt

Kailyn stumbled over logs and brush as she made her way to the edge of the cliff. Her only light, the silver orb just above the horizon, reflecting its glow across the landscape below. Taking another step towards her destination, pain shot up her leg, a jagged stick having lain in wait. Cursing under her breath, she clenched her fist, knowing that the wound and the pain, would eventually fade away.

She had left her clothing a hundred paces back, hidden among the brush, knowing she would return for them, when the sun took its rightful place. Her favored place for a night like tonight, was as far away from people as she could find. Two miles off the nearest trail, another three from the nearest trailhead. A mile from the nearest country road, and at least ten miles from the nearest interstate. She was easily fifty miles from the nearest signs of habitation.

Not knowing what she had become on that fateful night twenty moons ago, she was unprepared for the horror when the full moon rose once more. It was her mistake to atone for, when she remembered the blood and gore, a sight that would remain in her dreams, forevermore.

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