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Within the world of Truerth there is an entire realm of existence outside the normal world. The fairy world, often referred to as the Fae Realm is one such area. The Afterlife, which is a place where mortals go when they die, is another. Heaven and Hell are home to Angels and Demons. The Elemental Planes is yet another. Some of these places have been developed, while others remain as theoretical locations which require future develop. Yet other places are yet to be inspired, and for the future, the sky is really the limit.

Please Note: Names and descriptions below are subject to change.

The Truerth Planar Structure

Material Plane

At the center of Truerth’s Planar structure is what is known as the Material Plane. It is where the Astral Plane (also known as the Plane of Spirit) and the Elemental Planes converge to form what we know of as the world.

Elemental Plane

The Elemental Plane was formed when the presence of ORD was felt by the Primordial Elements. At the center of the Elemental Plane where all four elements coalesce, is a place which is safe for mortal travel, though for any who travel there, it is a hostile and alien environment. It is also ever-changing, and no regular visitor necessarily sees the same sights twice.
Locations: Plane of Air, Plane of Earth, Plane of Fire, Plane of Water, the Convergence.

Astral Plane

If the Elemental Plane is the realm of the physical (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), the Astral Plane, also known as the Plane of Spirit is the realm of the soul. The Astral Plane contains a number of layers, which souls can travel along.
Locations: The Afterlife, Heaven, Hell, Fae Realm, Asgard.

Ethereal Plane

The Etheral Plane is the glue that binds the Material, Elemental and Astral Planes together, and allows travel between the three. When the Vaarda summon the mists, they travel along the Ethereal Plane. When the Elementals enter Truerth, they travel via the Ethereal Plane. When witches and magic users travel via portals they are using the Ethereal Plane.

Astral Plane Layers

Astral Layer: When witches and other magic users talk about Astral Walking or Astral Projection, they are referring to sending their souls into the Astral Layer. This allows them to travel, explore and perceive what is going on, but makes them indistinguishable to those around them.

Aether Layer: When a person is on their death bed, the soul separates from the body, attached by a silver cord. Reapers wander the Aether Layer looking for Souls who are meant to depart into the Afterlife to help bring them over. If a reaper does not arrive in time to aid the traveller, the connection may deteriorate, causing a soul to wander. When a soul is ready to move on, the reaper cuts the silver cord allowing the soul to enter the waiting room. Souls who refuse to move on, remain wandering the Aether layer slowly going mad. Entering the Aether layer requires a specific ritual performed with the price of blood by would be travellers.

Heaven’s Gate: When Angels wish to travel to Truerth, they pass through Heaven’s Gate and exist on a wavelength that makes them indistinguishable to those around them. They perceive what’s going on but cannot be perceived.

Hell’s Gate: When Demons wish to travel to Truerth, they pass through Hell’s Gate and exist on a wavelength that makes them indistinguishable to those around them.

Fae Realm

The Fae Realm consists of a large island resembling that of Ireland surrounded by a sea of shifting colors of blues, greens and greys. The Time length of Day coincides with the real world location of Ireland, though portions of the Fae Realm can have completely unusual weather and temperature patterns.

Seelie Court

The Seelie Court comprises a portion of the land mass of the Fae Realm. It is the land overseen by Titania, and is further subdivided into three sub-regions which includes Titania’s personal domain and the Spring and Summer Courts.

Spring Court: Ruled by Gloriana, Fairy Queen of the Spring Court. The Spring court is eternally in the season of spring. Flowers are blooming, trees are constantly budding, and the Fae tend to be as optimistic as those coming out of a harsh winter feeling the warmth of the returning sun.

Summer Court: Ruled by Morgana, Fairy Queen of the Summer Court. The summer court is warm year round, squelchingly so at times, especially during the northern hemisphere’s summers.

Unseelie Court

The Unseelie Court comprises a portion of the land mass of the Fae Realm. It is the land overseen by Lilith, and is further subdivided into three sub-regions which include Lilith’s personal domain, and the Autumn and Winter Courts.

Autumn Court: Contested by the Redcap Goblins, led by Micmuk, Goblin King and the Night Elves, lead by Nos, Night Elf King, Lilith has little interest in seeing one side win over the other. She is likely to help or hinder either side if simply to keep the two sides at war with neither coming out on top.

Winter Court: Ruled by the icy and eternally beautiful Snow Elf Queen Eira, the Winter Court is a paradise to those who can withstand the cold and occassional blizzard of the Winter Court.

The Wilds / Wildlands / Great Expanse

The Wilds is an area of the Fae Realm that is neither part of the Seelie or Unseelie Courts, and it acts as a border between the courts of Titania and Lilith.  The Wilds refer to both the land area, as well as the sea that surrounds the landmass as a whole, those most denziens of the Realm refer to the sea as the Great Expanse, as it is otherwise unknown if anything else exists out there, as a wall of fog rises up from the sea between five and ten miles from shore.

Fae Realm Locations

Asgard, Citadel of Asgard

Asgard is the home of Spiros children, and where they retreat to when defending against Elemental incursions. Typically only used when Ragnarok is approaching.  Asgard can accommodate a large contingent of visitors, with new levels being added as required.

Asgard is a large circular stone fortification perched on a grassy knoll that slopes down away from the outer walls.  Within a half mile (800 meters) of the outer wall, a wall of mist rises up, obscuring anything beyond it.  It is unknown where Asgard resides, but it is physically impossible to travel to, except through Portals and Astral Travel.

The Outer Wall forms battlements upon which defenders can mount a defense against incursions.  The outer wall is connected to the central Spire by six viaducts, and where the viaducts connect with the outerwall a raised platform exists for Asgard’s artillery.  Battlements ring around the Central Spire.  The space between the outer wall and central spire is likewise grassy and can hold additional troops as required.  The openings created by the viaduct segments can be used as portals, as are arches built into the interior side of the outer wall.

Asgard is the only place which Spiros can manifest to mortals.

Heaven, Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is home to Adam.  It is paradise to the virtuous.

Hell, Pandemonium / Ghenna

Pandmonium is home to Lucifer and the population of souls who have elevated into the status of demons. It is part City and part fortress, though it is all illusion.  A second area, called Ghenna is home to the millions of immoral and sinful individuals whose sins were sufficient to be sent to Hell, but not atrocious enough the become proper demons.

Titania’s Castle

At the center of the Seelie Court, Titania’s Castle resembles the Disney Castle from Orlando Florida. It is home to Titania, and Oberon.

Lilith’s Castle

A the center of the Unseelie Court, Lilith’s Castle is an imposing structure with a central tower rising so high into the sky those who have been been at it’s peak can swear they have seen the entirety of the Fae Realm.

Gaia’s Clearing

Gaia’s Clearing is as much a pocket dimension as it is a place. Difficult to find when you are looking for it, easy to stumble upon when you’re not. Gaia resides within a cave at the far end of the clearing with her two Dire Wolves Romulus and Remus. The entrance to the cave curves down, and spirals an indeterminate amount of time to a den. A single stone door leading to Asgard is the only sign of human habitation.  You are more likely to stumble upon Gaia’s clearing when exploring the Wilds.

The Afterlife, Waiting Room

The Afterlife can only be reached when an individual has died.  Angels and demons whose vessels die, or who are forced out of their vessels travel into the Afterlife to make their way back to Heaven or Hell.  Time within the afterlife moves at varying rates.  Years in the real world can pass, or it can happen in the  blink of an eye.  The afterlife is culturally themed, based upon where someone comes from.

When a soul enters the waiting room, they have an opportunity to come to terms with their eventual fate.  Having been given a passport, which records the virtues and sins of the soul, the soul then moves on to the lineup, waiting for their time to be judged, which is a mere formality.  Virtuous souls take the elevator up to heaven.  Sinful souls make the long trek down a winding staircase to the River Styx where the damned wait for the Ferryman Charon to take them to Pandemonium or Ghenna.

For those sins too tainted to go directly to Heaven, or not tainted enough to go to Hell, there exists two other places.  Limbo, which resembles a cathedral or monastery where souls can pray, and perform penance in order to be allowed into Heaven.  Purgatory is a place that resembles a residential rehabilitation counselling center where the soul is generally speaking on the fence between going to Heaven or Hell.  Inmates are pushed to their limit, either for good or ill.  The goal isn’t to rehabilitate inmates, but to push the inmate into virtue or into sin, so that the soul can move on to their final resting place.  Just as many leave Purgatory destined to Hell as they are destined to Heaven.